The Center for Multimedia in Higher Education (ZMML) is the e-learning service center of the University of Bremen and fullfills needs and requirements of university faculties and departments. It supports all teaching staff and facilities of the university in the use of digital media and ICT in education, in organization of teaching, in instructional design, in organization and implementation of e-assessments and in production and delivery of digital learning materials.

In addition to the development and implementation of quality-assured e-learning services in close cooperation with the faculties and departments, one of the major tasks of the ZMML is the active participation in the development and implementation of a university-wide e-learning strategy.

The tasks of the ZMML include:

  •      Deployment and support of e-learning services and their technical infrastructure (learning platform, e-assessment and media services).
  •      Training, consulting and support of university staff in all aspects of e-learning, especially in instructional design.
  •      Consulting the university and its committees on scientific and technological developments in e-learning.
  •      Promoting intra-and extra-university communication and cooperation in e-learning.
  •      Develope and run research and development projects in digital media and ICT in teaching and learning.